Big goals, big dreams and big visions are needed for big success. But, sometimes, our lofty goals can lead to our wheels spinning on how to physically reach them. How can you maintain progress towards your BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) when they seem so out of reach? Instead of changing your goals to be easier, work on growing as a leader, as an organization, and as an individual to be the person you need to be to reach your dreams.

If you want something, you must grow into it.

Goals are not achieved overnight, and nothing is reached without some setbacks. Continue to nurture your growth mindset to fully believe that your capabilities can be developed through dedication and hard work. You can achieve what you’ve set your mind to if you have the grit, resilience and follow through. Let others at the top of their game inspire you, but don’t forget the work they did behind the scenes to get there. Set personal goals and professional goals that force you to push yourself, and with the right actions, you can achieve what you put your mind towards.

Growth means learning AND implementing.

You must become a student before you become a master. Whether you’re conquering a new skill, wanting to become a pro at a new sport, imagining scaling up your business, or dominating a new market, you must start as a beginner. You are not able to reach your goal today based on your current knowledge, and that’s OK. Who you are today is not the person you need to be to achieve your big outcome but acquiring the knowledge, getting the education or gaining the experience needed is the first step to living out your dream.
Too often, our knowledge outpaces our implementation. Your goals will get delayed if you “know” but you don’t “do.” Once you have a baseline understanding of what you need to do to reach your goals, get started! Remember that failure isn’t the end, it’s a part of the education you need to achieve your goal. Be open to criticism and feedback without letting your ego get in the way. Take what is positive and constructive and tune out the rest.

So, what is holding you, your team, and your organization back?


  • Are you struggling to dream big enough to create a BHAG for your team or your organization?
  • Do you have the knowledge but are grappling with how to put it into action?
  • Or, do you need help figuring out where to start developing the knowledge and experience you need to take your business to the next level?

I can help you with goal setting, provide guidance on the knowledge/understanding you need to grow into your goals, and can deliver recommendations and accountability for the implementation of the actions needed to reach your goals. Call me at 515-222-9193 for a complimentary session!