Is negativity clouding your judgment as a leader? As humans, it’s understandable to be angry or upset when things don’t go as planned. But as you build your business and lead your team, it’s important to keep these emotions out of the mix. Negativity is contagious and will not only impact your mental health (as well as your employees’) but also your business. When you catch yourself feeling down on your luck, decide not to participate in these negative thoughts. What you focus on and act on is what you’ll get out of your business.
You have two choices:

  1. To dig gold and be a victor
  2. To dig a hole and be a victim

Having the right mental attitude is paramount for achieving your business goals. You’ve heard about the law of attraction – what you focus on, expands. There will always be fires, distractions, and COVID-like disasters that can throw you for a loop. Don’t let the world’s craziness keep you and your business from reaching its fullest potential. Manifest your success by never losing sight of your goals. Do you want great clients and customers? Focus on what you desire and do the work to make it happen.
When leaders are stressed, employees are stressed. Your team relies on your positivity and direction to stay motivated and working towards the common goal. When leaders do not manage their stress effectively, it causes a ripple effect through the entire organization. Employees thrive when their leaders show up every day with a spark of energy, passion and excitement. They’ll struggle to feel valued if their hard work goes unnoticed by leaders with negative morale. A negative work environment leads to workplace stress, poor collaboration and diminished productivity. Businesses suffer when their employees do.
If you tend to see life from a glass-half-empty perspective, be aware of your cognitive bias. If criticism leaves a greater impact on you than compliments, and you dwell more on bad news than good news, work to reframe your way of thinking. How can you turn your obstacles into opportunities? You’ll find that positivity changes how your mind works over time, trading bad thoughts for good ones and broadening the span of possibilities with big picture thinking.
There are still three months left in 2020. What can you do to make the most of it? Don’t give up on this year quite yet. We still have one quarter left to end the year on a high note. How can you separate yourself from your competition? What can you do to add more value to your customers? How can you go above and beyond to provide amazing service to your customers? What are 2-3 things you can commit to this quarter that will help take your business to the next level? Stay laser-focused on what leads to growth.
A great business is defined as one that is sustainable, predictable, stable, consistent, and has an emotional connection. Don’t let negativity sink your organization. Choose the future you want for your business and organization, commit to the goals needed to make that future possible, and take action! Need assistance to see how you can achieve this? Call for a complimentary strategy session.