Are you leaving something as important as the success of your business up to chance? Instead of wishing for a better year in 2020, why not plan on it? December is a great time to reflect and analyze the past year while defining a clear path for 2020. However, we all know the saying, “a goal without a plan is just a wish.“

Don’t leave success in your future up to happenstance; choose it! The actions and decisions you make today determine your future success. For a better 2020, select the outcome of your revenue, customers, profit, etc. Then, determine the actions needed to make it happen!

Goals backed up with a clear action plan can provide focus, direction and a sense of purpose for your whole organization. Here are a few tips to make the goal-setting process easier:

  1. Think long-term first and work backwards:

    Start the goal-setting process by dreaming about the future. Where do you want to see your business in 10 years? Create a clear vision of what you want to accomplish by 2030, and don’t be afraid to think big.Next, break your 10-year goal down to what you want to accomplish in three years that will get you a quarter of your way to your big future goal. Lastly, break that 3-year goal down to what you need to accomplish in 2020 to stay on track. When looking at your 2020 goals, identify benchmarks you need to meet within each quarter that will lead you to success at the end of the year.

    Are you still working towards the same goal you’ve always set out to reach? Year after year, you may find your goals, ideal outcomes, and direction may not change very much. Consider changing your actions, behaviors, and mindset to reach your slower-moving goals (have you heard of the secret formula, Be x Do = Have?).

  2. Make sure your goals are S.M.A.R.T (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, with a defined timeframe):

    To properly execute your goals and priorities for the year, be sure they are S.M.A.R.T. Define critical dates and benchmarks each quarter (or even each month) to keep you and your team on track. Measure success by creating quarterly revenue, profit, margin, or new customer goals. Be realistic, so you set yourself up for success while still feeling challenged to meet and exceed your goals.

    Identify specific actions and timelines needed to complete your goals and designate specific individuals or teams in your organization who will “own” each step.

  3. Write your goals on paper:

    A study by Dominican University in California found that you become 42% more likely to achieve your goals and dreams simply by writing them down regularly. The likelihood you’ll transform your desires into reality increases even further if you share your written goals with individuals who believe in your ability to succeed.

    Work with your team to develop individual and company-wide goals, and be sure to write them down and share them with one another. Review your goals weekly and monthly to ensure that you are on track with your actions, then focus your time and energy to achieve them!

It’s easy to let your job or your business dictate your life. This year, make your personal goals drive your business goals. Set a few goals revolving around your family, your faith, your health and fitness, or your personal finances, and accommodate your business goals around them. Prioritize your mental health and make time to travel somewhere new or take on a new hobby.

Let’s turn 2020 into a new beginning to achieving new heights! If you need assistance, please contact me to learn how to create greater discipline in your business.