In only a couple of weeks people all around the world are going to make resolutions for 2013. Many will be about things like health, diet, excercise, and things that relate to our personal lives. But many will pertain to business. How can we do better than 2012? How can we make 2013 our best year yet?new-year-wallpapers-new

Thinking about these 7 areas will help you develop your strategic plan to make 2013 an amazing year:

SMART Goals / Results – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time frame

Profit / Revenue / Expense Budget – Story

Marketing Plan to Accomplish Story – Actions/dates

Calendar for the Year – Events, benchmarks, deadlines, trade shows, vacations, etc.

KPI’s to hold Yourself to – Weekly/Monthly

Default Calendar for Your Ideal Week

Personal Development Plan

Good luck, and have a wonderful 2013!